CMC recognises that employees are our greatest assets. We encourage our people to develop professional competencies together with personal virtues such as ethics. Integrity, team work and continuous improvement are core values at CMC, and we believe in cultivating a workforce of high-performing, good people to uphold these values and serve our customers with high quality product. CMC provides employees with a supportive working environment encouraging innovation, harmonious interactions and cooperation. This focus on employee growth and satisfaction is the foundation for both a happy workplace and a productive company.

Besides basic salary and allowances, we offer both monetary and non-monetary incentives and benefits, such as
- bonuses and annual salary increments
- performance rewards
- overtime pay
- provident funds
- CMC gold pendants and gold necklacesawarded for each ten years of dedicated service
- annual leave
- scholarships for employees' children
- credit cooperative and cooperative store privileges
- free transportation to work from home
- affordable lodging options
- free uniforms
- free rice and inexpensive healthy meals
- access to a common room with music and 15-minute daily aerobic exercises
- New Years gifts and other special celebrations

CMC has continually improved its human resources management.
We are accredited through TLS8001 certification from
the Ministry of Labour. Recent HR-related recognition includes
1) the Excellence Award for worker welfare,
from Thailand's Department of Labour Protection and
Welfare, Ministry of Labour
2) the Happy-Workplace Award by Map HR from the Thai
Health Promotion Foundation.
CMC promotes a health-conscious
work environment that stimulates employees' self-learning
and individual career development. We acknowledge
that the company's sustainable growth depends
on our employees' personal and professional success.