Corporate History
1960-1977 1978-1987 1988-1997 1998-2007 2008-2013 2014-Present
  • From local steamed fish sales
    to fish market business
    Kriangkrai and Nantana Chotiwattanaphan
    began selling steamed fish in a local market in Hatyai, a city in southern Thailand. Due to the seasonal limitations of selling only available fish, the couple opened a fish market of their own and began to offer fresh seafood year-round, in both local and Malaysian markets.
    Kriangkrai and Nantana Chotiwattanaphan
    founders of "CHOTIWAT" group
    Established "Kiang Huat Trading Company"
    to transport fresh fish to Singapore and Malaysia.
    Expanded fish market business on both east and west coast of sounthern Thailand. Started fishmeal operation to handle by-products from core business in 1969 and began operating proprietary refrigerator trucks for transporting products in 1977.
  • From fish market business
    to food processing industry
    Founded Kiang Huat Seagull Trading Frozen Food Company (KST)
    to manufacture and export frozen seafood. By offering premium quality products, the company successfully developed new markets in Japan.
    Expanded operations to include canned seafood and started exporting canned products to America and Europe.
  • CMC established with focus

    on expanding product development
    Chotiwat Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (CMC)
    was established with registered capital of 100 million baht. On the new land of 76,800 sq.m. in Hat Yai, the company's facility was built to meet international food processing standards and to complete the growing demand for quality seafood, with its production capacity of 50 tonnes per day
    production capacity
    50 tonnes per day
    CMC built the second factory to expand the production of value-added products. The company's registered capital increased to 150 million baht and its production capacity was up to 100 tonnes per day
    production capacity
    100 tonnes per day
  • Continuous growth based

    on good quality products and flexible team structure
    CMC's sales reached
    US$ 100 million per year.

    The company's growth to 3,000 employees enabled CMC to produce as much as 200 tonnes of various products per day.
    production capacity
    250 tones per day
    The company increased
    its registered capital to
    200 million baht

    and maintained its production capacity
    at 250 tonnes per day while made
    a great effort to improve working
    standards and total quality management
    systems, including quality management
    system, labor relations and safety,
    environmental practices, and productivity
    CMC's third factory started production
    to serve the demand for quality and Kosher products.
  • Market expansion

    and management improvement
    CMC 's revenue reached US$ 200 million annually due to
    the expansion of the value-added product market.
    The company generated 3,500 jobs and maintained its
    production at 300 tonnes per day.

    CMC installed ASRS
    (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System),
    an automatic warehouse to enhance inventory mangement
    and the efficiency of product delivery.
  • Merger with

    NK Seafreeze Co.,Ltd.
    CMC merged with NK Seafreeze Co., Ltd. on 17th June
    2014. This increases the company's registered capital to
    500 million baht and expand its production capacity to 400
    tonnes per day and its cold storage to 3,000 tonnes.
    Production capacity
    400 tonnes per day