Thaifood Product
Thaifood Product

Hygienic, No MSG and No Preservatives

We use traditional Thai recipes in packing our products, in order to offer an authentic taste of Thai under our own "Takrai" brand. Seafood of the highest quality is processed hygienically with traditional Thai ingredients to ensure that we preserve taste, texture, and appearance characteristic of the most delicious Thai cuisine. Customers who purchase Takrai brand products are assured
they are high in quality and taste.

Thai Condiments:

Dipping sauce

This popular Thai dipping sauce is made from high-quality, gently blended palm sugar, fish sauce, dried shrimp, shallots and chilies. It is predominantly served with green mangoes but is also perfect
for green apples, guava and other sour fruits. This sauce is not only tasty but has a sweet scent. Consumers may choose their level
of spiciness: original, or mild.

Grilled banana sauce

Grilled banana is a well-known dessert from traditional Thai
kitchens. Its impressive taste is enhanced with our unique
topping sauce, made from gently heating coconut milk and
coconut sugar to provide wonderful fragrance and unforgettable flavor.

Fish Oil
Fish oil is produced from by-products of fish processing. Crude fish oil is mainly extracted from the head, skin and tail of tuna. After the initial pressing, two more refining processes are used to purify the oil. Due to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, the demand for crude fish oil is growing for use in dietary supplements.

Fish Extract
Fish Extract is produced from cooked juice, a by-product of tuna precooking. The process is to separate cooked juice by species before starting the fish extracting process and enzyme treatment. In the evaporation, the brix of fish extract is adjusted according to customers' requirements.