Environmental Care
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CMC regards environmental concerns as very important. Thus, since 2002,
the company has implemented an Environmental Management System to comply
with ISO14001.

Wastewater Treatment
CMC installed its Anaerobic Fixed-Film system to effectively treat wastewater
from food processing. Additionally, our facultative ponds are designed to render
all wastewater environmentally safe to drain and mingle with its source. The system also reduces the use of electricity by producing biogas, which can be used as an alternative source of energy for the boiler. Environmental control technicians test treated water against the national industry standards.

Sustainable Fisheries
As a member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), Chotiwat Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to seafood sustainability, good labor standards and human rights in our supply chain to ensure safe and sustainable seafood products.

We fully support and comply with lSSF standards which undertakes science based initiatives for the long-term conservation and sustainable use of fish stocks, reducing by catch and promoting ecosystem health

We are committed to human right principles that we will not engage in or support the use of child, forced or compulsory labor on land or at sea on fishing vessels. Any part of our supplied chain that is found not to comply with labor laws and regulations or to commit human rights violations will be terminated.

We are committed to increasing the proportion of our tuna purchases from vessels participating in the Pro Active Vessel Register (PVR) program. An ISSF resolution calls for all participating companies to register their controlled purse seine vessels on the PVR and we will continue to support purchases of tuna from compliant vessels.

We check PVR list on website http://iss-foundation.org

We will not engage in transactions with vessels that are not registered with RFMO
in the region that they are fishing. We support and encourage the use of Unique Vessel
Identifiers (UVI) in all tuna fisheries to help eliminate IUU fishing. We are also committed
to full trade sanctions against vessels excluded from the Regional Fishery Management Organizations (RFMOs) vessel lists.

We have pledged to refrain from transactions in tuna caught by harvesting vessels or transported by transshipment vessels on the IUU Vessel List of any RFMO identified
as having engaged in illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activities.

We pledge not to have any transactions with companies and/or vessels that use
indiscriminate large-scale pelagic driftnets. All of the tuna that we purchase
is caught using purse seine, pole and line fishing or long-line methods.
We do not purchase tuna caught using gill net or drift net fishing methods.

We do not endorse the practice of shark fining which is the retention of any fins
while discarding the carcass at the sea. We will only purchase from vessel-owning
companies that have a published policy prohibiting shark fining on board its vessels
and we will not purchase from any vessel that has been found to engage in shark fining
for 2 years following the date of the most recent finding.

We maintain chain of custody that traces tuna from capture to store shelf, including
the name and flag of catcher and transshipping vessels, fish species, ocean of capture
corresponding to tuna regional fisheries management organization (RFMO) area,
fishing trip dates,fishing gear employed, date the company took ownership of the fish
and each species by weight. In addition, we have MSC chain of custody certification to
ensure full compliance at all times.

We endorse the Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program
(IDCP) to ensure that there are no dolphins intentionally killed or injured during
the catching process. We are also members of Earth Island Institute Dolphin
Safe Tuna Program.