To supply quality and nutritious food worldwide.


CMC is a leading food processor supplying innovative,
safe and good quality products at an affordable price.


  • To meet and exceed expectations of all buyers and consumers through research and innovative processing.
  • To procure quality, cost-effective and on-time delivery of materials and supplies
    by improving our working systems with partners within the supply chain.
  • To provide quality and reliable products, to be flexible in meeting all buyers' and
    consumers' needs and become a low-cost producer by improving the efficiency
    of machines, equipment, and working systems.
  • To maintain a work environment that enables employees to develop leadership,
    professional competency, self-motivation, desirable characteristics, and personal
    interactions critical for accomplishing the company's mission, vision, purpose and
    value, as well as for ensuring happiness and success in employees' personal lives.
  • To gather buyers' and consumers' feedback for developing products and
    processes to meet their expectations and to enhance their satisfaction and
    engagement by implementing effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices.
  • To create a healthy relationship with the local community and society by
    supporting community activities and implmenting guidelines for Corporate Social
    Responsibility (CSR).