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We invested in modern technology for the development of new products from the by-products. All raw materials are processed in every creative way. Fishheads become tuna oil. Similarly, the concentrated extract is obtained from the steam of steamed fish. Nothing goes to waste at CMC because all by-products are the ingredient of our creativity.

Tuna Fish Oil

Tuna Fish Oil is produced from by-products of fish processing. Crude fish oil is extracted from the raw tuna heads and skin. With advanced refining machinery, we obtain high-quality refined tuna oil. Tuna fish oil is incredibly rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA, which have benefits for the body and brain. This leads to the growing demand for our tuna fish oil for use in dietary supplements.

Tuna Fish Extract

Tuna Fish Extract is produced from cooked juice, a by-product of tuna precooking. The process is to separate cooked juice by species before starting the fish extracting process and enzyme treatment. In the evaporation, the brix of the fish extract is adjusted according to customers’ requirements. With its abundance of amino acids and unique flavors, tuna extract is commonly used for making seasoning sauces.

Feed Protein -
Concentrated Tuna Protien

Feed Protein is a concentrated tuna protein. It is produced from tuna heads and skin, leftovers in the refining process of crude fish oil. In the evaporation, the brix of products is adjusted according to customers’ requirements. Due to its unique flavors, this product becomes a natural flavor enhancer for animal feeds and pet foods.

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