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We are committed to bringing innovations to the world. In the growing global market, we have developed unique recipes and processing techniques for the value-added and ready-to-eat market segments. To ensure our standing as a world-class seafood supplier, we carefully select ingredients that render an authentic culture-specific taste to perfect our tuna and salmon

Tuna and beans
with Kabsa

Tuna mayo with
sweet corn

Black bean and sweet
corn with quinoa

Tuna salad with

Tuna salad with red
kidney bean

Tuna with roasted

Products with Sauce

Tuna teriyaki

Tuna with tometo
and basil

Tuna with lemon and
cracked pepper

Ingredients & Mixtures

Tomato, sweet corn, green pea, asparagus, carrot, potato, pepper,

chili, onion, basil, lime, herb, curry paste, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, 

and various salad dressing, etc.

Products with Grains & Pasta

Tuna and bean with
red rice and chick

Tuna with quinoa
sweet corn and green

Tuna with pasta

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