Whistleblowing System

Whistleblowing System

Chotiwat Manufacturing Public Company Limited (CMC) engages in honest, transparent and just business practice according to good corporate governance principles. We are intolerant of both direct and indirect corruption in any form and we police CMC Personnel to seriously comply with CMC Anti-Corruption Policy.


Corruption means any types of bribery, an offer, giving, promise or agreement to give, demanding or accepting money, assets or other inappropriate benefits from government officers, government sectors, private officers, private sectors or responsible persons either in direct or indirect action so that such person could proceed or disregard their functions in order to acquire, retain the business, recommend a specific company to the entity or achieve any improper benefits from the business transaction. Exceptions shall apply in cases where laws, regulations, statements, standards, customs or business traditions enable us to do so.

Report malpractice concerning unlawful conduct, non-compliance, Anti-Corruption Policy or unethical conduct towards business partners. We will effectively safeguard your information and proceed with the utmost vigilance.

All whistleblowers are required to submit factual information and must not incriminate others without

Malpractice report


In addition, you can report malpractice by
E-mail : anticorruption@chotiwat.com
Or send letter to :
Chairman of the Audit & Risk Management Committee
Chotiwat Manufacturing Public Co., Ltd.
1069 Asia Highway Rd, Kho Hong, Hatyai, Songkhla, 90110, Thailand.

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