Corporate Policy

CMC has complied ISO9001 (Quality Management) adopted TQM (Total Quality Management)  guidelines for improving our quality business process (QBP) performance management system to better meet varying needs of our consumers and other stakeholders. We incorporate this quality management scheme into our Corporate Governance practices and it becomes the core corporate policy for business management.

Corporate policy

1. Good governance for sustainable value creation

The company adheres to good corporate governance for good long-term business performance and for sustainable value creation, and operates with ethics, transparency, lawful operations and corruption prevention.

2. Strengthening human resources effectiveness

The company reinforces development of personnel at all levels to work efficiently, to possess skills needed for changes, and promotes a culture of teamwork, organizational engagement, ethical competence, and creativity and responsibility for the organization.

3. Quality-oriented management

The company manages the organization with quality, designs the organizational business process and structure that correspond with business strategies and direction, builds effective internal control systems and risk management systems, and develops an integrated system of stable and reliable information technology.

4. Customer-focused engagement

The company focuses on customer engagement to grow together, on research and development of products to meet the needs of customers and the market, on use of safe and high-quality raw materials in compliance with laws, regulations and customers’ requirements, and on timely delivery of high-quality products.

5. Nurture of innovation and learning organization

The company promotes continuous personnel participation in product innovation and process, develops a knowledge management system, supports use of data and information technology for work development, and encourages knowledge exchange and idea extension to innovations beneficial to customers and value creation to the business.

6. Responsibilities for stakeholders, society and the environment

The company treats its stakeholders fairly, facilitates use of stakeholders’ rights, treats its personnel equally based on principles of human rights, is responsible for the community, society, conserves the environment, energy and natural resources, and uses environmentally friendly technologies.

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