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Over four decades of seafood

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Our Company

CMC has a long history of over four decades. Nevertheless, the company keeps on growing up until today. CMC is positioned as a full-fledged international seafood manufacturing expert with a world-class standard at heart.

Continuous Improvement

Quality Commitment


Having focused on product quality and customer engagement, CMC has been a long-time business partner with several
world-class tuna traders and has become a widely-recognized manufacturer in the seafood industry. Now, we have up to 3,500 employees on board with us in this growth.

“With a broad network of
partnerships, CMC is
confident of its prospects
in the global market”

The business outlook for CMC is also bright. We develop products for more than 100 brands of tuna and export to more than 50 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Building upon our practiced craftsmanship and expertise, we are confident and optimistic about our prospects in the global market.

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