Petfood Product
Petfood Product

We mix precooked tuna meat with other
ingredients or blend it with gravy to enrich
the nutrients and tastes of our pet food products.
The ingredients and toppings of pet foods vary
according to customers' requirements for
nutritional supplements and flavors that provide
beloved pets with a happier and healthier life.

Cat food

SpeciesSkipjack, Yellowfin, Tongol and Euthynus
Mixtures Jelly, Gravy, Water

ToppingSeabream, shrimp, crab, shirasu, surimi imitation lobster, chicken, beef, string beans, carrots, baby corn, etc.
Packing StyleWhole Loin, White meat, Red meat
Popular Products
  • Skipjack Flakes in Jelly Topping Shrimp
  • Eythynus Whole Loin Flakes and Tuna Red Meat in Jelly
  • Tongol White Meat Flakes in Jelly Topping Shirasu
  • Yellowfin Whole Loin in Gravy Topping Sasami and Beef
  • Tuna and in Seabream Flakes in Jelly

Dog food

Raw materialChicken, Beef, Lamb and fish
Popular Products :
  • Simmered chicken stew
  • Chicken and beef medley
  • Rice and lamb stew
  • Beef stew