quality Standards

World-class standard defines our success as the front-runner in the seafood manufacturing industry.

Our Quality Commitment

“Customer satisfaction with quality,
delivery, hygiene,
service and
care of the environment”

Productivity and Quality

Thailand 5S Award from the Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)

Thailand 5S Award 2009 "Silver Award", "Popular Vote" and "Booth Vote"

Thailand Kaizen Award from the Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)

Thailand Kaizen Award 2012 "Golden Award" (Kaizen Suggestion System)

Thailand Kaizen Award 2012 "Silver Award" (Kaizen for Office)

Thailand Kaizen Award 2010-2013 "Certificate" (Kaizen Suggestion System and Kaizen for Office)

Innovation Award from the National Innovation Agency

Thailand Top 10 Software Award 2013

TQM best practice from the TQM best Co.,Ltd.

TQM best practice award 2011-2013

Ethics and social responsibility

Excellence in Ethics Award 2008 from the Thai Chamber of Commerce

Charitable Donation Award, for charitable contributions to the community and society


Excellence in Safety, province-level Award 2019 from the Ministry of Labour


Award for CMC's industrial production process improvement program for Cleaner Technology and Reduced Carbon Footprint, 2012 from the Ministry of Science and Technology

Certificate of Award for Good Governance with regard to the environment, from the Ministry of Industry

Other awards for public participation in preservation and conservation of the environment

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